Sunday, 23 September 2012

The results are in... Isadora 30 Day Dynamic Lash Growth Challenge! *

It's been 30 days, and I'm so excited to tell you guys all about how I've gotten on with the Isadora Dynamic Lash Growth system! I've already written a blog post explaining the products in depth (click here to view) but basically the system contains a mascara and a serum infused with potent peptides which increases the natural growth of your lashes - what's not to love?


I have been using the mascara during the day instead of my normal mascara, and the serum at night as the final step in my skincare routine. Both products are so easy to work with - just apply them as you would a normal mascara. It literally takes seconds, which is fantastic when you have patience as limited as mine!

The mascara itself is a very nice product. It does a fantastic job of separating every individual lash and can provide either a very natural or a very dramatic look depending on how much you apply. I'm a girl who is very into volume, but hates clumpy lashes, so I'm hard to please but I find this product does a fantastic job at lengthening and separating and an average job at creating volume - I find it can become a little clumpy in the process until you get used to using it.
However, part of this was due to the fact I wasn't used to plastic wands such as this, once I've gotten used to it, I'm a convert! They are fantastic at picking up the tiny baby hairs at the edges of your eyes and coating them evenly - they really make your eyes pop!

The serum is in similar packaging to the mascara, and has an identical wand. It does just as great a job of separating the lashes and ensuring each tiny lash gets covered in the product. As for the serum itself, it is nicely thick without being gloopy and dries reasonably quickly - no worries about it rubbing off onto your eyebrows, that wouldn't be a good look!
One thing I love about the packaging of both the mascara and the serum is that they both have click to lock closures - keep twisting the lid on until it clicks to create a fully airtight seal - this ensures that your mascaras last far longer without drying out. What a great idea!

And now onto the pictures... *drumroll*


Now, before I get a lot of hate - I know my eyelashes were always fairly long. However, they had taken a lot of a beating from using waterproof mascara daily. Note how uneven the lashes are - particularly on the left eye. Also, my lashes had lost nearly all of their curl and were weak and brittle.


In this picture I have just taken off my mascara (my eyelashes are still a little clumpy from being wet, woops!) and as you can see, my lashes are looking a lot better after using the system. It hasn't worked miracles, and I didn't expect it to, but it has definitely made my lashes thicker, stronger and more healthy. Also, my left eye's lashes are now catching up with my right eye - they have definitely grown in the past 30 days!

After - using the mascara

 As you can see, the mascara coats the lashes evenly and adds even more length - a fab choice if you have shorter lashes! In fact, the left eye's lashes look nearly longer than the right! Mascaras can work miracles!

The mascara after 8 hours of wear - not bad!

All in all, I really believe this system works. While it's not going to turn your lashes from smurfs into supermodels, it definitely will speed up the natural growth process. My lashes have definitely benefited from using this system and I will continue to use this on a daily basis for the foreseeable future!

Find out more about Isadora's Dynamic Lash Growth System by checking out their website here: Isadora Global

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