Saturday, 1 September 2012

Review | The Isadora 30 Day Dynamic Lash Growth Challenge *

I was recently fortunate enough to be one of the four lucky bloggers Isadora chose to test their new lash growth mascara and serum. This is a really exciting product for me to review as my lashes have been rather depleted lately. To fill you all in, I used to have eyelashes which were quite long and thick - I often was asked if I was wearing falsies! However, through a stint of wearing waterproof mascara daily, my eyelashes suffered. I had to scrub at them to remove the mascara, as I only had some cheap high street makeup remover solution and as a result of this my eyelashes became thin, fragile and had lost all traces of a curl.

This made me really excited about trying these two products! Designed to work in conjunction with each other, they both contain potent peptides and natural extracts which stimulate the growth of your lashes. Unlike most lash growth products however, they do not both need to be applied at the same time. You replace your mascara with their Lash Growth Mascara and then apply the transparent serum at night onto clean eyelashes. This was a major bonus for me, as I don't like how some other lash growth products require you to apply a white coat of the serum under your everyday mascara. I find that this leaves your eyelashes with a grey tinge - not attractive!

They claim that after 30 days of using the mascara or the serum, the natural growth of your eyelashes will increase by 169% and they will increase by 13% in diameter! These are definitely some amazing claims and I sincerely hope this product lives up to them. Also, this is all done without being tested on animals, which is extremely important to me.

I will write a full review of the products after 30 days of constant use, but will also fill you in with how my lashes are progressing after 15 days as the packaging states that constant use of both products will show results by then - I'm definitely intrigued!

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  1. I obsessed to have a longer and thicker lashes. I've been dying to try something for my lashes.